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The Power rests in your hands with a low debt consolidation loan from Dutchess Partners. No longer will you be held back by your high interest rate credit cards. No longer will you be afraid to answer your phone or open your mail. With Dutchess Partners, the power is with you.



Call us at (800) 833-3419 to speak with a representative.
One easy payment
One easy payment
Monthly payments cut up to 50%
Monthly payments cut up to 50%
Lower interest rate
Lower interest rate

Applying is easy!

Our short video will guide you through our simple application process.

How much could you save?


Following your current payment plan, you will pay total interest of
to your current banking institution before paying off your debt.

Dutchess Partners RATE

With Dutchess Partners, you will pay total interest of

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Palm Beach, FL
When I got divorced, my wife took everything we owned. I had to rebuild my life. I charged everything and got myself in a bad situation. Thank goodness for the people at Dutchess Partners. Not only were they kind, they understood my issues without any judgement.
Creskill, NJ
I admit it— I was irresponsible. I spent beyond my means trying to keep up with my friends who made more money than I did. It got so bad that I had to borrow from my parents just to make ends meet and to make sure I was paying my bills. I was embarrassed, I was broke, and I was scared. Dutchess Partners helped me understand my limits and helped get me to a place where I could handle everything.

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